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Agricultural Rum from the South of Spain, S.L.

For 1,200 years, sugarcane has been continuously cultivated in the municipalities of Motril and Salobreña in Granada. The Arabs introduced it from Egypt in the year 745 in this location of southern Spain that due to its special almost tropical climate has become the first and now last harvest in Europe. Christopher Columbus brought sugarcane from this area to America on his second voyage in 1493, where his cultivation has become widespread in the last 500 years.

Agricultural rum from the south of Spain, is the materialization of a somewhat romantic idea, which is no other than to elaborate an exceptional rum, unique and different taking advantage of the last historical plantation that survives in Spain after more than a thousand years of uninterrupted cultivation. This group of 26 members, of professions and diverse education (drinks, banking, television, etc.) is unified by the illusion of making a classic product in a completely different way, taking of the planting to the aging, recovering the eco-cultural landscape of the tropical coast of Granada.

Manuel Balsera


Alfredo Azcona

Chief Executive Officer.

Ignacio Díaz-Barceló


Alberto Pedrajo

Master Rum-Maker

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